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I do not have contributed, or given my agreement, for none of the videos,

using my sounds, you may see on you tube, etc... 







world premiere, programmée par André Lombardo, Directeur Artistique de Présence Capitale,
auditorium de la bibliothèque de Bordeaux Mériadeck, France


photo Anne Gillis"Y'rt.nwd" photo Anne Gillis 




see on twitter     @jupitterlarsen   13th jan. 19




 later in 2019 

my new 33t 

videos of my 6 performances, of my installations



. I shall let you know  when...  on








"Fuel 217" - "Sacré"  

Picture 7" released by André Lombardo, Directeur Artistique de Présence Capitale

230 copies  - no reissue

exclusive distributor









2017  voit le jour


keep on performing « Psaoarhtelle »

workshops with students...great ! 


compilation "Rien Ni Personne" on Tristan Koreya 's net-label     

let's share some photos of my K7/LP/CD/... archives



Great shares with Leif Elggren, Key Ransone, Francisco LopezVicky Langan,  Irène Omélianenko, Lawrence Kumpf, André Lombardo, Ghédalia Tazartes Joachim Montessuis, Jac Berrocal, Klara Lewis,  Georg  Rasmussen, Joachim  Nordwall, Franck Ancel, 

and Karen, Franq, Mark, Christophe, Prune,... 


Sounds, and ... on









Creation of "Psaoarhtelle" in Tokyo, event organised by Art into Life

For pleated, membranes, frictions of air, shade and thrown shadows

Variation for roundings, intimist, strange and familiar at the same time  

I explore there the circular friction of the ambient air, the curves bruissantes of auspicious signs,

the sound roundnesses of projected shadows through their materials, and many other progresses...




Intense, vivid, great shares with Leif Elggren, Key Ransone, Francisco Lopez,

 Takumi Akaishi, Vicky Langan, John Bender, Irène Omélianenko, Dennis Tyfus,

Timo Van Luijk, Lawrence Kumpf, André Lombardo, Ghédalia Tazartes, Erik Samakh,

Hervé Diasnas, Joachim Montessuis, and Fielding, Karen, Franq, Mark, Christophe,  








Without the precious presence of GX Jupitter-Larsen, during my years of silence, I would have doubtless stayed silent


I hear about looking for manon anne gillis on facebook 



Art into Life released "Archives Box 1983-2005 " 


 5CDS  All tracks remastered by Colin Potter in 2015

Boxset including disk sleeves with the original artwork and a 20 pages booklet







silence is so GREAT 




missing amazing friends, Ulises Carrión, Akifumi Nakajima, Knud Viktor



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